This team will work closely with the ROCA Board to help mobilize and communicate events happening throughout the year. If you would like to be part of this meeting/team, please email us at [email protected]

2023 Events:
         Santa Coming to Royal Oaks - December 22nd         
         Neighbors Night Out - October 3rd (cancelled due to weather)
         Community 4th of July Celebration - Nob Hill Park - July 4th

         Blood Drive - Honoring Maddie Taylor - July 7th

2022 Events:

   *   Cinco de Mayo - May 6th
   *   Play Dates @ ROCA - May 20th, June 23rd, July 23rd
   *   Wine Tasting Event - June 10th
   *   Community 4th of July Parade - Nob Hill Park - July 4th
   *   End of Summer Splash - August 12th
   *   Neighbors Night Out - October 4th
   *   Neighbor Garage Sale - October 22nd
   *  1K Turkey Trott - November 24th (canceled due to weather)
   *   Holly Jolly ROCA Party - December 16th (canceled due to weather)

2021 Events:
   *   4th of July Parade (canceled due to weather)
   *   Summer Splash
   *   Flashlight Walk / Neighborhood Night Out
   *   1K Turkey Trot
   *   Holly Jolly ROCA Party

For additional upcoming information, please contact Pablo Monroy at [email protected]


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