ACC-Architectural Control Committee

ROCA monitors and enforces its deed restrictions and city codes through the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). It is the responsibility of each resident to help the ROCA Architectural Control process by being a good neighbor, following approval procedures, and working with neighbors to resolve possible violations before escalating the situation to ACC, ROCA Board and/or ROCA membership.

As a ROCA lot owner, please be familiar with the ROCA Deed Restrictions.  The ACC operates procedurally through the ACC Guidelines, which are listed below.  Of key note in the guidelines is the re-emphasis of Article III, Section 3.3 of the Deed Restrictions, which summarizes that external modifications to any ROCA lot must be submitted for written approval by the ACC.  This is the best way to avoid misunderstandings and additional costs for removing and/or correcting non-approved external lot modifications.  All requests and all approvals shall be documented in the ACC Property Modification Application (shown below) which may be sent to any of the following ACC members:

ROCA ACC Members - You may contact us at [email protected]:

Angela Stephenson - Chairperson 281-798-2422  
Cody Wages    
Susan Holzhauer     
Carolin Campassi    
Ed Burrer

Additionally, ROCA lot owners in conjunction with the ACC can document neighborhood deed restriction violations through the completion of the ACC Violation Form (also shown below).

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