ROCA 2023 Dues Campaign Begins!

We are now accepting your ROCA 2023 Dues of $45.00.  Payments are due prior to March 1, 2023.

You may make your checks payable to the “Royal Oaks Civic Association, Inc.” or “ROCA”.  Your check can be mailed or dropped off at 1750 Maux Drive, Houston, TX 77043 and please make sure your address is on or included with the check.

Your dues may also be sent to [email protected] through Zelle from your bank, QuickPay from Chase or Venmo. Please make sure the Owner’s Name and ROCA address is included with your dues payment.  This is very important for accurate crediting of your account.

Invoices are in the process of being mailed or emailed the second week in January 2023.  If you do not receive your invoice or have any dues-related questions, please contact our ROCA Treasurer, Erika Horan, at [email protected] or 1750 Maux Drive, Houston, TX 77043.

Per ROCA Deeds, on the delinquent date (March 1) of the second year of non-payment, the Association (ROCA) shall start procedures to file a Notice of Assessment Lien against property for sums not paid to ROCA with the Harris County Clerk's Office.  Prior to the Board's filing the Notice of Assessment Lien Against Property, the owner with two years of non-payment of Assessments may negotiate a payment plan as outlined in ROCA Bylaws (See Article XI) for the delinquent Assessments. For more information, please contact [email protected].

Dues Increase for 2024
During the May 17, 2023 Board Meeting, the members of the board voted to increase the annual 2024 ROCA dues from $45.00 to $55.00 (as stated in the ROCA Deed Restrictions Article II, Item III.4).  This increase marks the first dues amount increase in eight years, with the previous increase occurring in 2016.  The purpose of this increase is to generate additional funds for various neighborhood improvements, including the installation of new esplanade markers and lighting, operational needs along with implementing other enhancements.  If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact the Board at [email protected].

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