2021 ROCA Bylaws Draft Documents

The ROCA Board has amended the 2013 ROCA Bylaws to align with the 2019 ratified Deed Restrictions (for example, begin the ROCA year in the month of January).  The proposed 2021 ROCA Bylaws includes clarifications codifying ROCA ways of conducting business practiced since the 2013 Bylaws were adopted.  These amendments were reviewed by our ROCA attorney and are ready for Membership ratification.

Voting of 2021 version of the ROCA Bylaws will parallel the absentee ballot process for Election of 2021 open positions on the ROCA Board.  The 2021 Bylaws and an absentee ballot (attached below) have been emailed to membership emails on file (those without email, receiving a mail ballot).  Voting will conclude at the General Meeting on Tuesday, February 9, 2021.

In preparation for this vote, this ROCA website contains a Page dedicated to the Bylaws, this page containing 1) the current 2013 Bylaws, 2) a clean draft of the proposed 2021 Bylaws, and 3) a draft of the 2021 Bylaws noting differences between 2013 and 2021 versions.  Red-colored-bold, yellow highlighted changes are proposed additions; black-colored-bold, gray highlighted changes are proposed deletions.

Thank you for your attention and please contact the Board with any questions at [email protected]

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